We’re Faster To Your Disaster.

When you need us most we’re on call, ready to restore your home or business after a water, flood, or plumbing disaster.. Our technicians will be on site in minutes to take care of your home and personal possessions. We will begin a drying and restoration plan suited to your needs and situation, and manage your restoration the whole way through.

We have the skills, equipment and experience to deal with any kind of water situation quickly and efficiently. Our 24 hour service means no matter what the time, contact us immediately with your questions and details of the emergency.

Water Removal Dallas

Water removal is essential for all manner of emergencies, from acts of God to domestic accidents. A good example of the importance of immediate action is salvaging the carpet. If the area affected on your property Ð residential, commercial or institutional Ð involves carpet, you have a time frame of roughly 48 to 72 hours. Hopefully, water can be extracted within two days and the drying process can start immediately. Anytime longer than three days, and fungal growth becomes a real liability to consider.

We will come in and get rid of the stagnant water, and accelerate the drying process with high-powered fans and other equipment designed to get the moisture out of your structure and furnishings. The faster we can get to work on your property, the better chance weÕll have at salvaging your investments. If you don’t have flood insurance on your property, you should act even faster. If you need to replace all of your furniture, you are looking at a hefty expense. We will do everything we can to get your furniture restored so you don’t have to go through that.

Water Restoration Company

If you do have insurance to cover incidents such as what youÕre experiencing now, you’re in good hands. Our water damage restoration specialists will go in and not only fix up your home, but also fill out the necessary forms for you and assist you with that whole process and get you the most for your troubles.

Water removal and subsequent treatments are something that should only have to be handled once. The last thing property owners need is to have the consequences of a devastating flood plague their home or business for several months, if not years. We get the job done right, immediately and the first time. We feature industrial-strength equipment such as fast-acting extractors, heaters, air scrubbers, desiccants and much more. Our extensive lineup includes gear that penetrates drywall, ensuring that materials are thoroughly dry. If you’ve had a flood or other emergency, don’t let it do more damage to your home. Call us today for emergency water removal.

We Care About Your Health

The Penn-Way is the process that we use that creates the best results with our quality equipment. We’re dedicated to protecting your family by providing a healthier cleaning experience using cleaning agents that are safe for your family and beloved pets. We offer hot water extraction carpet cleaning, stain removal, carpet protection products, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning and water extraction due to floods in homes, apartments and any commercial locations.

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